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As the solar fabric industry advances, more products will be manufactured in accordance with
industry standards.

Currently, there are products available that are associated with solar fabrics.  However, they can not be considered as true "solar fabric."  Solar fabric is still in a research and development stage with Konarka Technologies, Inc. being in the forefront with expected production
runs predicted to begin in late 2006.

Using the fabric industry as a standard to go by, once the initial first stage of production is completed and test runs produce manufacturable goods, the method of production is reproduced and levels of goods manufactured quickly increases to substainable levels.

Once this first run is completed, expect to see a huge boom in
solar powered fabric-related products, from solar day packs to solar
tents, solar fabric sails for boats, and solar cloth for clothing.  The uses of solar fabrics will lead to newer technologies associated with these smart fabrics.

Konarka to Develop Photovoltaic Fabric With Leading Swiss University,
Relationship Expected to Yield First Integrated Woven Photovoltaic Material

Konarka Technologies, Inc., an innovator in
developing and commercializing power plastics that convert light to energy,
today announced it is developing photovoltaic fabric with Ecole
Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). The Photovoltaic Fibers and
Textiles Based on Nanotechnology program is expected to yield the first
fully integrated woven photovoltaic material. Such material will allow for
tighter integration of power generation capabilities into devices, systems
and structures beyond what is possible with plastic film.
“Photovoltaic textiles could positively increase the number of applications
available to solar technology by extending integration to objects made from
fabrics, such as garments, tents or coverings,”

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